First details before leaving.

So I'll be leaving Rome on Monday and I guess the blog is gonna be updated a little less until I'm back.

I'll be working on the final episodes, they still need a lot of rewriting... but I can see the end of the first season now... and I get the chance to thank my precious story editor Giovanni Masi for being such a patient mate.

Of course I'm going to describe this project more and more as we go on, today I can say the first season of STUCK is going to be 10 episodes long.  Each episode should last less then 10 minutes... Maybe the pilot could be a bit longer... we have no format restrictions, we just want to be very intense :)

STUCK is going to be set in Italy but we're going to use English as our language.
Subtitles in many other languages will be available.

Riccardo Sardonè is going to play the lead male role.

As for the rest of the cast, we're working on that...

I'll keep you posted.

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