Shooting episode 1

So I finished shooting my first feature film, and now we're back on STUCK!

with the help of new precious friends

such as Stefania Rodà 

and Emanuele Imbucci (sorry mate, that was the best picture of you) 
being my 1st ADs

we managed to contain Riccardo's histrionics

with Ilaria Carnevali doing make up

and our sweet Sara D'Angelo taking care of costumes and standing in
never losing her smile, no matter how humiliating the position

Lorenzo Corvi, a sound technician I met almost 10 years ago 
on my first short films, popping up into my life again

 we finished the shooting of episode 1!

I feel I have to thank once more my father
for being such a wonderful problem solver

and my pupil Giancarlo Spinelli
who came all the way down from La Spezia to be my second unit

and the most talented redhaired director Paola Rotasso 
who has been my second unit too.

so with 3 cameras
the love of my family helping out with catering
despite Ramon the cat purring close to the microphone
we're a little closer to be online...

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